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Impala Developers Ltd.is a Real Estate Development Company based in Nairobi, Kenya. It specializes in ensuring that appropriate land space is utilized for the benefit of Kenyans for residential to attain a lifestyle living & commercial for generating income.

One of the key goals of Impala Developers Ltd. is to design and build affordable apartments which are comfortable homes for majority in Kenya.

Impala Developers Ltd. believes in conceptualizing / designing / building / delivering on time all its real estate development projects. IMPALA is reliable brand in the construction industry in Kenya & East African region since last 60 years and is known for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Business Statement

Impala Developers Ltd. hereby commits to ensure that all its real estate development projects shall be executed as per the design & specifications, quality finish, best price & on time to ensure promise adherence to our clients.


Competence–We believe competence as a combination of our professional team’s expertise and the knowledge we have gained over last many years by being active in construction sector of Kenya and through the experience of serving our valuable clients.

Trust–We believe that gaining trust of our clients is paramount under all circumstances.

Efficiency–We believe in performing and delivering in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.

Hard work–We always work hard in meeting our clients’ desires and dreams.

Quality–We ensure that quality is as per our clients’ definition, nothing more, nothing less.

Satisfaction–We strive for high level of clients’ satisfaction, be it in terms of deadlines to quality to meeting their changes, for us its always “at your service”

Communication–We believe in communicating regularly and as it is & being transparent makes us attractive to our clients.

Management Team

Mohammed S. Hebatullah


Managing Director

Huzeifa Shoeb


Project Manager

Mufaddal Hutaibi


Finance & Admin